WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2.19 Plugin

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a premium WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell products and services with recurring payments. Following are listed features explained peace by peace.

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Get more Revenue with recurring payments

Are you assure on how much money your online shop goes to make this month? if you offer your customers with subscription-based product access, you could do just that.

With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can create and manipulate products with recurring bills — payments so as to give you residual revenue you may music and count on.

WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to introduce an expansion of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. Create fabricated from the month clubs, weekly provider subscriptions or even yearly software program billing programs. upload sign-up costs, offer loose trials or set expiration durations.

A subscription-primarily based model will let you seize more residual revenue — and all you need to do is deliver the orders.

Why Use WooCommerce Subscriptions?

  • Multiple billing schedules available to fit your needs
  • Easy automated payments with over 25 payment different gateways
  • Supports manual renewal payments via any charge gateway, along with computerized e mail invoices and receipts
  • Supports automated rebilling on failed subscription payments, so that you in no way lose sales
  • Provide subscribers the potential to manipulate their very own plan, which include upgrading or downgrading, with no need to attend on you for help
  • Integrated renewal notifications and automated emails assist you to — and your clients — realize when subscription payments have been processed, so there are in no way surprises
  • With detailed reports provided by woocommerce subscriptions plugin, maintain track of recurring sales, number of active subscribers and more

WooCommerce Subscriptions capabilities

Free Trials & sign up expenses

Charge an initial amount to account for client setup fees, or allow clients to try before they buy, with the aid of adding sign-up expenses and free trials to any subscription product.

Subscription management

Store owners get complete-featured subscription control thru the WooCommerce > Edit Subscription management display screen. you could droop or cancel a subscription, change the trial expiration, upload items, shipping, costs or taxes to the subscription or modify the ordinary overall for destiny payments.

Synchronised payments

in case you handiest need ship on positive days of the month, or align all clients to the equal annual membership term, you can with WooCommerce Subscriptions’ renewal synchronisation function. you can even prorate the primary price of a synchronised subscription purchase.

Flexible Product Options

When developing a subscription product, you may make the product downloadable, virtual or physical, rate renewal payments weekly, month-to-month or yearly, limit the product to 1-in step with-client and even price transport simplest at the preliminary order.

Subscription Coupons

Offer clients a discount on their month-to-month payments or just the sign-up rate. Subscriptions consists of each routine bargain coupons and sign-up charge coupons.

Variable Subscriptions

Create variable subscription merchandise and permit your clients to pick a subscription that fits their wishes. you could even permit your clients to pick out their own billing time table.

Subscriber Account management

Your customers can also manage their very own subscriptions. With the My Account > View Subscription page, subscribers can droop or cancel a subscription, trade the transport cope with or payment approach for destiny renewals and improve or downgrade their subscription.


Allow clients to improve, downgrade or go-grade between different subscription products. With bendy proration options for the habitual quantity, signal-up charge and duration, you may also personalize the expenses of switching to a brand new subscription product to suit the wishes of your save.

Multiple Subscriptions

Your customers also can purchase unique subscription merchandise within the identical transaction and Subscriptions will group the goods to reduce the payment gateway fees and logistical overhead for his or her future renewals.

Customer Emails

Automatically notify clients whilst a subscription renewal charge is processed, a subscription is cancelled or while a subscription has expired with the built-in subscription emails.

Capture More Residual Revenue

whether or not your goal is to ship a surprise bundle of products to delighted customers every month or invoice them for an in-individual provider supplied by way of your small enterprise, WooCommerce Subscriptions can take the stress out of shooting that every one-essential residual revenue.

You’ll be able to music simply what number of subscribers you have got, after they’re being billed, and what kind of revenue you’re producing — which means you’ll continually know how tons sales your store can assume as you continue to grow.

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase this extension
  2. Down load, deploy, and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce shop
  3. Set up your first subscription-based totally services or products and take it live
  4. Read specified documentation that will help you personalize your subscription products, renewal alternatives and more
  5. Sit back and enjoy more recurring revenue!

WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2.19

CHANGELOG (Released on April 04, 2018)

* Fix: With Mixed Checkout disabled, only remove the add to cart notice when redirected straight to checkout. Fixes issue where error notices are removed incorrectly. PR#2541
* Fix: With Mixed Checkout disabled, only empty cart when the variation ID is the same but with different attributes. PR#2540
* Fix: Remove the "\n" character from variable subscription item tooltips in the admin subscriptions table. PR#2481
* Fix: Allow users to purchase limited to any status subscription products under circumstances where the customer is blocked from purchasing because of cancelled orders. PR#2485
* Fix: Prevent deletion of product variations in use by a subscription. PR#2507
* Fix: Get default product price when no price arg is passed into `get_price_string()`. PR#2558
* Fix: Avoid potential for division by zero errors when switching. PR#2574
* Fix: Only force payment method selection during switch if a new subscription will be created. PR#2567
* Fix: Remove trailing space from address_type variable. PR#2595
* Fix: Ensure the opening span tag is present for all args passed to get_price_string(). PR#2597
* Fix: Set the product's price to the sale price even if it's 0. Fixes display issues with subscription products on sale for $0. PR#2601
* Fix: While resubscribing, ensure subscriptions with multiple line items charge the correct amount for all line items, not just the 1st. PR#2585
* Fix: Hide product stock settings while editing variable products. PR#2563
* Fix: Allow subscription coupons to be applied while switching subscriptions. PR#1863
* Fix: Ensure subscriptions created via the API with an active status and a set_paid arg set to true are saved. PR#2609
* Fix: Ensure Net Gain/Loss calculations for subscription reports convert dates correctly to match the site's timezone. PR#2593
* Fix: Prevent the possibility for fatal errors caused by calling undeclared functions during the payment method change requests. PR#2613
* Tweak: Ensure sign up fees are numeric before attempting to use them in calculations. PR#2551
* Tweak: Only clear related order cache on renewal order changes. PR#2555
* Tweak: Improve checkout performance by avoiding related renewal orders query. PR#2550
* Tweak: Add the `$plain_text` arg to order item meta start and end hooks. PR#2515
* Tweak: Refactor the view subscription template. PR#2575
* Tweak: Add Subscription My Account endpoints to wpml-config.xml file. PR#2578
* Tweak: Add 'woocommerce_subscriptions_product_limited_for_user' filter. PR#2596
* Tweak: Clear the cart if the product being added to the cart is sold individually when mixed checkout is disabled. PR#2602
* Tweak: Use WC_DateTime objects and `getTimestamp()` rather than `format( 'U' )` to avoid possible issues in earlier PHP versions. PR#2588
* Tweak: Add pagination to the My Account Subscriptions table. PR#2537
* Tweak: Catch, log and display an admin notice after a scheduled subscription action timeout. PR#2484

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