Woocommerce email verification

WooCommerce Email Verification 1.3

WooCommerce Email Verification is a WooCommerce addon to generate account verification link on customer registration. So say no to spam and allow only genuine customers.

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  • WooCommerce Email Verification add-on has option to restrict specific roles from verification. It means, add-on works with every user roles.
  • Make use of WooCommerce default email system, which means it has seamless integration. It has seamless integration with woocommerce, where customer get verification link with new account notification email.
  • Can resend verification link in case if customer lost first link.
  • Customer can generate unlimited verification links.
  • Admin has an option to manually approve account from admin side.
  • Options available to customize all success and error messages.
  • Options available to customize email heading, subject and body message.
  • Special short tags available to use in email body. So you can send dynamic customer details in email.
  • Admin can see user status from admin side.
  • Administrator role is not forced to verification.
  • No need of setup, it is simple Plug n Play. Easy to setup.

WooCommerce Email Verification 1.3


04-Aug-2017 - version 1.3
- Add compatibility with latest version of WooCommerce

25-Dec-2016 - version 1.2
- Add compatibility with latest version of WooCommerce

31-Dec-2015 - version 1.1
- CSS changes to make admin screen compatible with latest WordPress version
- Changed title to avoid conflict with other plugin

10-Oct-2015 - version 1.0
- Initial Version


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